Unity Force Security Guard Services

Our Approach to Security

Unity Force believes that the key to protecting a Clients assets comes down to the following four elements:

Standard Operating Procedures

Unity Force creates a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each Client. This SOP is a written document that highlights the exact job scopes, duties and responsibilities of each Security Guard deployed at a Clients site.
This SOP will include an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), indicating how the Client wishes for Unity Force Security Guards are to react and manage a range of emergency situations.


A Patrolling Officer is assigned to each Client and will routinely visit each Clients site. When visiting a site the Patrolling Officer will inspect the appearance and discipline of each Security Guard and ensure that the Security Guards are following the job scopes listed in their Clients SOP's. In the event that any discrepancies are found, the Patrolling Officer will take action immediately.

Client Feedback

Accurate and constructive feedback from each Client is imperative to ensuring that Unity Force delivers a Security Service that meets the needs and demands of each Client.
On a monthly basis, the Patrolling Officer will schedule an appointment with each Client and request that they complete a Feedback Form. The feedback form is essential for both Unity Force and the Client as it allows the Client to highlight any issues or problems that they have encountered with Unity Force (if any) whilst it allows Unity Force to highlight any challenges or issues identifies by the deployed Security Guards.
Unity Force Management receive a copy of each Feedback Form, so in the event that the Client does highlight an issue or problem, Unity Force Management will follow-up to ensure that it is resolved immediately.

Client Communication & Written Reporting Structure

Unity Force utilizes a 2 tier written reporting structure.

Tier 1: Takes place on-site. Each location is equipped with a Report Book in which the Security Guard on duty will complete an hourly report highlighting any notable activities that have taken place over that past hour. Any notable events that require further escalation to either the Client or Unity Force Management will be noted on an Incident Report Form.

Tier 2: Takes place off site. On a monthly basis the Patrolling Officer will complete a written report of each site highlighting any events, comments or feedback that have taken place over the past month. This Monthly Report is checked and approved by Unity Force Management before being submitted to each Client on a monthly basis.

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