Unity Force Security Guard Services

Why Clients Choose Unity Force?

Unity Force specializes in providing our clients with quality and reliable manpower who are trained to follow a set of Standard Operating Procedures that are written especially for each client.
Unlike other security service providers that deploy unguided manpower, Unity Force provides a Security Guard Service that ensures that our Security Guards perform the security related tasks that each client requires.

6 Reasons to Choose Unity Force

1. Standard Operating Procedures

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is created for each client highlighting the exact job scope and duties of each Security Guard, as well as how to respond in an emergency situation.

2. Supervision

A Patrolling Officer will routinely visit each site to inspect the appearance and discipline of each Security Guard and to provie training to ensure that each Security Guard is following the jobscope listed in their clients SOP's.

3. Client Feedback

On a monthly basis, Unity Force will meet with each client and receive their feedback and input regarding the performance of our Security Guards, and discuss any procedural amendements required to further improving our services.

4. Reporting

On a monthly basis Unity Force will complete and submit to each client a report highlighting any problems, issues or encounters that have occurred at their site over the week.

5. Fully Insured Service

Unity Force always maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, giving our clients peace of mind.

6. Staff Welfare

Unity Force management prioritizes the welfare of all our staff members.

This includes adhering to applicable Labour Ordinances, complying with Minimum Wages Orders, routine payment of KWSP and SOCSO and ensuring that all staff members receive their salaries on time.

These commitments results in a better quality of security guard service due to minimum manpower turnover and a higher level of commitment from our Security Guards to our clients.

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