Highest Standard of Unarmed Security Guard Service in East Malaysia

Unity Force is a Sabahan owned company. With our headquarters located in Kota Kinabalu managing our East Coast Sabah, Labuan & Sarawak operations, and an East Coast Operation Center in Sandakan, Unity Force understands the intricacies involved in providing a high standard of Unarmed Security Guard services to Clients throughout Sabah, Labuan and Sarawak.


Unarmed Security Guard Services

Whether your company has a warehouse, you live in a gated housing development or you manage a supermarket, the always prevalent issue of crime means that it vital for individuals and companies to ensure that their premises and assets are guarded and under watch to mitigate against the risk of loss, damage or theft from occurring. Unity Force provides the highest standard of Unarmed Security Guard services by focusing on these 6 pillars:

1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is created for each Client highlighting the exact job scope and duties of each Security Guard. This SOP includes response planning for emergency situation. 

2. Supervision 

A Patrolling Officer will routinely visit each site to inspect the appearance and discipline of each Security Guard and to provide ongoing and continual training to ensure that each Security Guard is following the job functions listed in their Clients SOP's. 

3. Client Feedback 

On a monthly basis, Unity Force will communicate with each Client and receive their feedback and input regarding the performance of our Security Guards, and discuss any procedural amendments required to further improve our services. 

4. Reporting 

If required by the Client, Unity Force will submit a monthly report to the Client highlighting any activities at site, attendance records, training records, incidents and any other parameters or information that the Client wishes to receive. 

5. Fully Insured Service 

Unity Force always maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, giving our Clients peace of mind. 

6. Staff Welfare 

Unity Force management prioritizes the welfare of all our staff members, leading to higher level of commitment from our Security Guards to our Clients.

Security Consultancy Services

Unity Force offers a security consultancy services offering a range of practical solutions to Clients whom want to: 

Identify and rectify existing security risks and flaws. 

Commission and user friendly system that meets Clients security objectives and budgets.

Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

The primary goal of an SRA is to identify security weaknesses and risks at a site that has existing security procedures, protocols and systems in place. SRA reports produced by Unity Force's Risk Assessment experts conforms to ISO 31000 and API Standard 780 guidelines. 

An SRA will identify, assess, plan and review both physical security components and operational security components. 

Examples of security risks that may be assessed include: 

Ingress controls and points.

Perimeter management. 

Visitor and contractor procedures. 

Automated security systems such as cctv, auto gates, access controls and alarm systems. 

Deployment of Security Guards. 

Movement patterns of and Security Patrols. 

Vetting procedures for staff. 

The SRA will offer cost effective solutions to eliminate or mitigate each identified risk. 

To compliment an SRA, Unity Force is also able to offer a Safety Assessment (incorporating a review of existing safety systems and safety auditplan)

Security System Design Consultancy

This service is for Clients who are in the process of planning and designing or constructing a site and intend on installing security systems such as ingress/egress control or a CCTV system. 

Far too often we see a Client spend a substantial amount of funds on their sites security systems, but upon installation and commissioning of these systems they discover that these systems are impractical, not user friendly, do not meet their security objectives and ultimately have to spend additional funds to rectify their poor planning. 

Unity Force's Security System Design Consultancy will assist with the planning and design phases to ensure that the Client purchases and installs the security systems that they require and does not waste funds and time installing inadequate systems.

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Keeping Kota Kinabalu, Sabah & Labuan Safe since 2008.

Copyright © 2021 Unity Force Sdn Bhd.

All rights reserved.

Keeping Kota Kinabalu, Sabah & Labuan Safe since 2008.

Phone: 088 223 430

Address: Lot 6CF04, 6th Floor, Block C, Kompleks Karamunsing, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia